CRA Update - Clontarf to Amien St Cycle Lane

31 Aug 2017

The below is an update from the Clontarf Residents' Association in relation to the Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route. 

Earlier this month we posted about DCC's plan to remove a number of trees on the footpath bordering Fairview Park as part of the proposed new cycle route from Alfie Byrne Road to Amiens Street. We also informed residents about a petition to save these trees. As a result of that campaign, DCC has now proposed an amendment to their cycle route plan. The effect of this amendment is that 90% of the trees that were due to be felled will be retained.  However, this will result in the removal of the second inbound lane from Malahide Road to Edges Corner. The queuing lane for traffic wishing to turn right at Edges Corner will be retained from the Footbridge onwards. DCC have acknowledged that the loss of this inbound lane will result in some additional delays during morning rush hour.

While we welcome the fact that the trees have been saved, we, along with many other groups including cycling lobby groups, believe that the full proposal is still flawed and that real and genuine consultation and engagement needs to take place with all relevant interest groups in advance of any decision on these plans.  

It is important that residents make themselves aware of the plan and the proposed amendments.  The full proposal is due for consideration at the upcoming council meeting on the 4th of September.  A copy of the DCC report to the elected representatives can be found here.  We have six local councillors who represent our area at those meetings.  We would encourage you to make your views known to them in advance of that meeting. We would also welcome the views of the residents by email to

A list of contact information for local councillors and more info on the CRA can be found here.