Covid Mobility Programme Segregated Cycle Route

17 Oct 2020

Covid Mobility Programme

Segregated Cycle Route

Sybil Hill Road & Vernon Ave – Howth Road to Seafield Road

DCC introduced a Covid Mobility programme to provide safe access and movement around the city given the changes in transport patterns that are emerging as more people work from home and the reduction in public transport capacity to allow for social distancing.  The type of measures that the programme is designed to provide include provision of additional space for pedestrians and providing dedicating cycling facilities.  

A proposal to provide a mobility route on Sybil Hill Road and Vernon Ave from Howth Road to Seafield Road has been made to us.  

The proposal if implemented would make it easier for residents and visitors alike to move around the area safely.  It would help to take children on bikes off the footpaths which can be dangerous for pedestrians using the same paths and which can pose a danger to the children themselves in the case of cars entering and exiting driveways. It may encourage and support children cycling to Greenlane’s, Belgrove Schools, Holy Faith and St Paul’s. There are also clear advantages for wheelchair users.

There are of course practical issues including the loss of some parking.  However, we would hope that this loss of parking will be minimised by having a two-way track on one side of the road and that there would still be adequate space for park users and residents.  The issue of interactions with the bus stops would also have to be looked at.

Click on the red button below to find slides with more detail on the proposal.

We would like to get some feedback from residents on the merits of the proposal, any issues that you may see with it and any possible solutions.  Ultimately it would be up to DCC to examine the proposal and decide on its feasibility and the best way of addressing any engineering issues.  

Please email your comments to us here: Mobility Route

Covid Mobility Route Proposal