Covid Greeting Cards @ O'Hara's Spar!

11 Nov 2020

O’Hara’s Spar, Vernon Avenue, are delighted to introduce to their customers to a new range of greeting cards that take a more jaundiced look at Covid, how our “Mammies” might comment on it and keep our spirits up at the same time!

Receiving a card in the post is always special (O'Hara's sell stamps too and the post box is just around the corner). So now you can send a card with a very contemporary message relating to our current situation while keeping a sense of humour and offering a hopeful message. Many of the cards' messages are inspired by things your Mammy might say and are so absolutely true.

By purchasing a card, you are also supporting a fledgeling Irish business and a gifted member of the Arts. Cathy Dunne is an inspired artist originally from Portmarnock and now has her studio in Kinvara, Co. Galway. Cathy, inspired by the sage snippets from her Mammy and others of her generation, has created this wonderful range of greeting cards reflecting Covid, Christmas and birthdays, in these difficult times with a sense of humour and honest to goodness sense that only Irish Mammies can dispense.

The cards are beautifully illustrated by Cathy and are presented with a recycled envelope and are entirely Irish made.

So, the next time your passing O’Hara’s Spar on Vernon Avenue pop in and enjoy some of the “Mammy” cards - you might recall some long-forgotten advice yourself!

Included in Cathy’s range are a number of messages “as geailge“ too. Cathy is also a talented storyteller and a has a great love of “creepy crawlies”, her Dad being an entomologist. This prompted Cathy to write some children’s books, beautifully illustrated and hugely popular stories for our younger readers. O'Hara's have these charming books stocked in their Children’s section too