Covanta Poolbeg Incinerator Controversy

23 Sep 2014

We have recently received a number of comments from Clontarf residents with regard to current plans for the Poolbeg incinerator. 

Just a few days ago, it was revealed by The Independent that Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan had given final approval for  work to begin on the Poolbeg Incinerator. The work is to be overseen by the US energy company Covanta, who have invested in the project. The project will turn the Poolbeg Incinerator into a waste-to-energy plant. By burning landfill waste, the plant will create clean, renewable energy for 80,000 homes. 

However, to say that this project has been met with concern is an understatement. The vast majority of Dublin City Council opposed the decision, which had been voted against over 30 times. However, councillors were not allowed to have a say in the final decision, as it is an executive function. Green Party leader Eamon Ryan branded the decision a "disgrace". 

"On what authority does the city manager sign this contract? Because his own council overwhelmingly goes against it. I think it shows up a real problem in terms of the structures and nature of local government and the lack of local government in this country... It's a terribly disappointing decision. The way it happened, there are serious questions to be answered" he said. 

Development is due to begin soon and is estimated to take about three years, with operations beginning in 2017. 

A number of Clontarf locals have written to us with their concerns, while others have expressed the view that this is a sensible plan that deals with a growing waste issue for the City.  A lot of people are worried about the health risks involved and there are even stronger feelings being expressed on the other side of the bay in Ringsend, Sandymount and surrounding areas.

We would love to hear from more people in order to gauge the level of feeling on this issue. If you have a comment to make on this please email us at or comment below.

UPDATED 24/9/14