Councillor Jane Horgan-Jones takes aim at Government Minister over Flood Defence remark

17 Jan 2014

Councillor Jane Horgan-Jones has published a strongly worded condemnation of remarks made in the Dail yesterday by Junior Minister, Brian Hayes (a former resident of Clontarf). 

Councillor Jones claims that Minister Hayes is "woefully informed" on the issue of flooding in Clontarf. She further states that his comments display "a disdain for residents who are willing to engage meaningfully on local issues."

"If Minister Hayes had paid even a modicum of attention to the debate around Clontarf flood defences, he would know that the plans put forward were not sustainable. Even the slightest glance at them would show that many superior alternatives were available.”

(Read the blog post in full here)

We contacted Minister Hayes for a response and he supplied the following statement earlier today:

"My only interest in this issue is to get a proper flood defence scheme for Clontarf. 

In order for that to happen, it requires DCC to engage fully with the local community in bringing forward a viable scheme.

My department is at the ready to fund such a scheme and I'd ask everyone to concentrate on the issue of a solution which is the only thing that matters here.

We have in excess of e45m in this year's budget to bring forward flood defense schemes all over the country. For that to happen, it requires the buy-in and the support of local communities with their local authorities.

The problem of flooding is not going to go away and we all need to address this to find a solution."

The Dail exchange that led to the remarks reported took place between local Labour TD, Aodhan O'Riordain and Minister Hayes. The transcript of that debate can be viewed here.