Constituency Commission Report

28 Jun 2012

Constituency Commission ReportRecently, the Constituency Commission published a report detailing suggestions for changes to the constituencies throughout Ireland as a means to decrease the total number of TDs from 166 to 158.

But what does this mean for Clontarf?

As of the next election, Dublin North-Central (which includes Clontarf) will be joined with Dublin North-East to form a new 5-seat constituency called Dublin Bay North. 

The existing representation for the 2 constituencies is as follows:


  • Richard Bruton(FG)
  • Aodhan O'Riordain (Lab)
  • Finian McGrath (Ind)


  • Terence Flanagan (FG)
  • Tommy Broughan (Lab)
  • Sean Kenny (Lab)

So, overall: 3 Labour, 2 Fine Gael and 1 Independent. But only 5 seats to go around next time.

As you would expect, there has been much speculation as to what this will mean at the next election. Over on a thread has appeared to debate the effect of the changes. You can view it here:

One of the possible benefits of the new plan is that we will have one single constituency and 5 TDs that will cover the entire Northside of Dublin Bay from the tip of Howth to the Alfie Byrne Road in Clontarf. This will be a huge help to interest groups like the CRA, CBA, Dublin Baywatch, Sailing Clubs etc. who have a keen interest in the welfare of the Bay.

Here are some of the main points from the report itself:

"The Dublin North-East constituency, minus population of 9,549 transferred to Dublin Fingal, has a population of 72,011 and is not sustainable as a 3-seat constituency. As the population of the Dublin North-Central constituency has decreased since 2006, to 74,501, it is no longer sustainable as a 3-seat constituency. The combined population of the two constituencies, at 146,512, is equivalent to 5 seats in a 158 member Dáil. The Commission recommends that the two constituencies be merged to form a new 5-seat constituency called Dublin Bay North.

Dublin Bay North will consist of the following areas:

In the city of Dublin the electoral divisions of:

Ayrfield, Beaumont B, Beaumont C, Beaumont D, Beaumont E, Beaumont F,Clontarf East A, Clontarf East B, Clontarf East C, Clontarf East D, Clontarf East E, Clontarf West A, Clontarf West B, Clontarf West C, Clontarf West D,Clontarf West E, Drumcondra South A, Edenmore, Grace Park, Grange A,Grange B, Grange C, Grange D, Grange E, Harmonstown A, Harmonstown B,Kilmore A, Kilmore B, Kilmore C, Kilmore D, Priorswood A, Priorswood B,Priorswood C, Priorswood D, Priorswood E, Raheny-Foxfield, Raheny-Greendale, Raheny-St. Assam;

and, in the county of Fingal, the electoral divisions of:

Baldoyle, Howth, Sutton."

For more information, please visit the Constituency Commission website.