Clontarfs Shave, Wax or Dye 2013

10 Apr 2013

This is more than charity... This is war!

It’s been two years since the last very successful fundraiser, when more than € 12,000 was raised for ARC Cancer Care.

Despite difficult times financially, we can never be in as bad a place as someone who is suffering with ill health. This year, some Clontarf locals have decided to organise an event called Clontarf’s Shave, Wax or Dye on Saturday 27th April to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

The event will be held in Harry Byrne’s Pub, from 8.30pm til late. Entertainment and laughter guaranteed! Please get involved to support a great charity.

You can put your name forward, or group together to sponsor that friend who you have always wanted to see with a shaved head or waxed chest!

Carmel Murphy knows only too well what it is like to HAVE to shave the hair off her head. Thankfully she has made a wonderful recovery from cancer and now that she is in the full of her health she would like to support the Irish Cancer Association to continue their amazing work.

She doesn’t need to do baldness again, so she has organised for her family to sponsor someone who took every opportunity to slag her hairless head at the time. That is why her brother Anthony Murphy WILL be ‘volunteering’ to have his hair dyed and shaved from several parts of his body on the night!

Here’s what you could do to help the Irish Cancer Association, to save Anthony’s blushes and to be part of this wonderful occasion...

  • Nominate and sponsor one of your hairy friends to finally change his hippy look
  • Get your friends to sponsor YOU to have your golden tresses removed for the warm Summer to come
  • Donate a wonderful prize that will help make the raffle very appealing - vouchers,, bottles of wine, etc
  • Take a sponsorship card and convince your colleagues and friends to give a few bob
  • Come along on the night, enjoy the fun and dig deep in your own pockets 

Hessions hairdressers will be busy for the night, but why should Harry Byrne’s get away lightly?

Who will pay the most to sponsor Alan Byrne to have his head shaved? Rumour has it that more than €100 is on his head already!

You can get more information and lots of sponsorship cards from Anthony Murphy 0863919544 or Carmel Murphy 0868713124. You can also get sponsorship cards behind the bar in Harry Byrne’s.

There has already been some great interest shown so please get involved and lets make this a great night!

clontarfs shave, wax or dye 2013