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10 Aug 2018


A few weeks ago we informed you of what we thought might be temporary domain name change for our website. 

We had moved the normal address from to We would now like to inform our readers that this domain address change will be on a permanent basis.


  • Together Digital has been operating the domain name since 2011 on a recurring lease arrangement from Dublin City Council (DCC). We have worked closely in tandem with the Clontarf Residents’ Association and Clontarf Business Association during this time.
  • On 31 Aug 2016, we were informed by DCC that they wished to cease any leasing of domains in 2017. As a result, would no longer be available to lease. It would essentially be kept ‘in storage’ i.e., would not be available to anyone
  • We responded to this with an email requesting DCC’s support for a seamless transition to a new domain name to replace That domain was to be - we had a detailed plan in place for this.
  • However, on 6th Sept 2017,  the circumstances changed completely. We received an email from DCC telling us that their policy on local domain names had changed and that they would not be retaining ownership of any local domain names. 
  • This opened up the possibility of us becoming the owners of the domain name which was an alternative solution for us and would naturally save us having to change the domain name.
  • The CRA and ourselves have worked with DCC in recent weeks to see was there a way that we could transition the domain name from their ownership to us. However, for a variety of reasons, which we completely understand, this is not going to be possible. We exhausted a number of options and the Lord Mayor, Nial Ring, even stepped in to help but it just didn’t work out. We are very grateful to the DCC team for their assistance in recent weeks and for offering the lease in the first place.
  • The domain name has now been taken back into DCC’s ownership and will not be used in the immediate future.
  • Therefore, we are reverting to our original plan of using as our long-term domain name.

In conjunction, with this, we have a number of tasks (reindexing of the website, rebranding etc.) which will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

We would greatly appreciate if you could spread the word on the new domain name…. Think of it as spreading the love <3