Clontarf TKD Secures 2nd Place at National Championships

21 Nov 2023

Clontarf Taekwon-Do Club achieved a commendable 2nd place at the National Taekwon-Do Championships. 

Over 1,200 competitors participated in the Irish Cup, with teams hailing from clubs spanning Ireland, England, Scotland, and Sweden.

The championships unfolded on the 4th and 5th of November. On the 4th, senior students and those striving for National team positions showcased their skills. Cara, Orla, and Lucian, who represented Ireland at the World Championships, continued their success by clinching two gold and two silver medals.

Clontarf TKD's Ryan Boyle stood out, contributing two gold medals that positioned Clontarf among the top contenders after the first day. The following day featured junior students, who displayed an impressive performance.

With over 50 medals secured over the two days, notable performances included Aija, Alex, Megan, and Grace dominating the large green belt girls category in both patterns and sparring. The veteran students also made significant contributions, sharing three medals among them.

Special congratulations go to Cara Groenewald, crowned the best overall junior female black belt, and to Lucian Neumann, who secured his spot in the National team for the 2024 European Championships in Poland. This marks a fantastic conclusion to an exceptional year for ClontarfTKD, excelling at the local, national, and World levels in Taekwon-Do.