Clontarf Rocks!

13 May 2020

You may have seen the amazing work everyone in Raheny has been doing on the 'Raheny Rocks' Facebook page where they paint stones & hide them around the village and park. (They got a mention on RTE news a couple of weeks ago).

After getting the all-clear from the Raheny Group, a local woman has now set up a 'Clontarf Rocks' which you can find on Facebook here.

This is just for fun & the concept is simple - create & place beautifully painted rocks all around Clontarf for everyone to find & admire. If you spot one, please take a picture & share here. If you'd like to add to the collection, please paint your own rock, varnish, disinfect and place somewhere around Clontarf.

It's a great way to keep kids (& adults!) busy for a few hours both decorating and searching for painted rocks around the park, seafront & village - basically anywhere within 5km of your home!

In the interests of hygiene, please do not pick up a rock if you find one. Just take a picture, admire & move on.