Clontarf Orthodontics Welcome New Orthodontist

27 Feb 2015


Clontarf Orthodontics, one of our valued business sponsors, are delighted to announce a new orthodontist has joined their growing team.

Dr. John O'Mahony BDS, MFDS, MSc, MOrth (RCSEd), FDSOrth (RCSEd) holds a masters degree in Orthodontics. He has also undertaken further advanced training to hospital consultant level and holds both a membership and fellowship in Orthodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh.

He is a registered orthodontic specialist with the Irish Dental Council and a member of the Irish, British and European Orthodontic societies. He has presented orthodontic research at international dental conferences and currently provides academic peer review for the European Journal of Orthodontics.

Dr. O'Mahony has a broad range of orthodontic experience and a special interest in the treatment of buried teeth, jaw abnormalities and sleep apnoea.

He's also a really nice guy! 

For more information about Clontarf Orthodontics and the services they offer, please visit their official business page.