Clontarf Historical Society: Sep - Dec 2017 Schedule

30 Aug 2017

11th September (Monday-8.15pm)

Developments in the Volunteers post 1916 until the formation of the Dail in 1919   by  Dr. Charles Hannon.

1916 – What happened next. This talk covers how 1916 affected Redmond’s and MacNeill’s Volunteers.  The reorganisation of the Volunteers by IRB and the relationship between the Volunteer leadership and the emerging Sinn Féin politicians.

9th October (Monday-8.15pm)

The legacy of 19th-century German immigrant pork butchers in Dublin 

by - Karl-Heinz Wustner and Derek Bauer.

The vibrant history of German pork butchers who came to live and work in Dublin at the end of the 19th Century and why they left their homes in the Hohenlohe region.   Names such as Hafner, Olhausen, Youkstetter and others, were part of Dublin's glorious past.

13th November (Monday-8.15pm) 

Erwin Schrodinger A Nobel Scientist who lived in Clontarf 

by Niall McDevitt.

Life and loves of a brilliant Austrian Nobel Scientist prize winner who was passionately interested in people and ideas.

11th December (Monday-8.15pm) 

THE DUBLIN CAMINO - By Cathy Scuffil. 

Highlights historic places in Dublin associated with St.James and pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela in Spain in the middle ages.


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