Clontarf Historical Society Programme Sept to Dec 2013

09 Oct 2013

‘From Village to Suburb: the building of Clontarf since 1760’

by Claire Gogarty

Monday 14 October 2013 at 8.15 pm approx (following AGM at 7.45 pm)

Claire is a member of the Clontarf Historical Society and has already spoken to the society last year on the subject of the houses in Clontarf listed in Lewis' Topographical Dictionary. This year Claire will talk about those houses which were built later, like for example Blackheath House, Castilla and the Church of Ireland church.  She will also mention some of the speculative building developments which were started in the 19th century by developers and builders.  Claire has been researching the history of buildings in Clontarf for the past few years and the result of this research will be the basis of a book that is due to be published next month.

‘Daniel O’Connell’s Clontarf Meeting’

by Vincent Ruddy

Monday 11 November 2013 at 8.15 pm

The ‘Monster’ meeting in support of Repeal of the Act of Union movement that was arranged for Clontarf by Daniel O’Connell for Sunday 8 October 1843 was called off by O’Connell late on 7th following its banning by Sir Robert Peel, the British prime minister, earlier in the day. O’Connell felt he had little option to do otherwise because of the influx of troops to the area and the arrival of two naval vessels carrying more. O’Connell was a pacifist and he was fearful of the slaughter that might ensue if the meeting went ahead.

Unfortunately, O’Connell’s actions caused a split in the Repeal movement camp that resulted in the ‘Young Irelanders’ making a complete break from him later.

‘Realt na Mara: the Star of the Sea statue on the Bull Wall’

by Bill Nelson

Vincent Duddy

Monday 9 December 2013 at 8.15 pm

The Realt na Mara (Queen of the Sea) memorial at the end of the Bull Wall is a prominent landmark on the north Cast of Dublin Bay and can be seen by those entering or leaving Dublin Port, and those who frequent the Bull Wall or the local beaches. It was intended to be a tribute to Our Lady, Mother of God.

Bill Nelson’s talk traces the history of the memorial from a suggestion that emanated from a retreat for dockers in Roebuck Retreat Centre, Dublin, in 1950 to the formation of a committee comprising mainly of Dublin Port Union members and to its completion in 1972 

Bill Nelson is the grandson of the original honorary treasurer of the committee, William Nelson, who acted in that capacity throughout the 22 years of the project. been studying the proposed meeting, where it was to take place, the local priests who were involved, and many other aspects relating to it.