Clontarf GAA Reports Highest Number of Female Players

04 Nov 2014

The team at were happy to read a recent article in the Irish Times, which reported that Clontarf GAA has some of the highest numbers of female members in the country. The number of underage female GAA players at the club has shot upwards from just 145 in 2005 to an expected 531 by 2015.

Clontarf GAA club has been adopting many ways to encourage more girls to play GAA, such as its nursery programme for young players and the club’s heavy involvement with local schools.

Currently, there is an overall decrease in the amount of girls playing sports across Ireland. This shows just how much interest Clontarf GAA are pouring into female players and encouraging them to step out on the field. We are really proud of the work that they’re doing and hope that other GAA clubs take note!