Clontarf Camino Pilgrim Walk on Palm Sunday

11 Apr 2014

Throughout the centuries, Christians have gone on pilgrim walks to the Holy Land, to walk where Jesus walked.

During the centuries when the Holy Land was inaccessible, European Christians developed substitute pilgrim practices. Other sites closer to home became favoured places of pilgrimage during the centuries when then land of Jesus could not be reached.

Pilgrimages have become popular among everyday people whose lives may be filled with responsibilities and distraction and Easter is a particularly attractive time for a pilgrimage.

This Palm Sunday (April 13th 2014) their will be a Pilgrimage for Peace starting at the Presbyterian Church, Howth Road at 2.00 - 2.30pm .

There will be a passport that you can get stamped at each church and you will also get a certificate at the end if you do all the walk.