Clontarf Baths planning application - Latest Update

14 Sep 2011

There has been a further development in relation to the Clontarf Baths planning application. Dublin City Council have requested further information from the applicant as follows:

"1. Having regard to the potential pollution of the Tolka Estuary which is contiguous with the site the following shall be submitted as follows: a. Details on the conversion and uptake of chloride of organic matter, the location of the dilution zone and detail of any impacts to the mudflats and wildlife. b. Details of the management of surface water run off from roads, parking areas and waste storage area. c. Details of whether it is intended to heat the bathing water at this stage, and if so what are the implications for the receiving environment if any. NOTE: The applicant’s attention is drawn to the extensive survey data for the Tolka Estuary SPA on birds available from the Dublin Port Gateway application which could be referred to when considering cumulative effects. The applicant prior to formal response to the additional information request shall liaise with DCC’s Bio-Diversity Officer.

2. The applicant is requested to provide details of the nature of the pavilion development in terms of the size of the front-of-house area, the proposed opening hours and nature of the operation itself including times of deliveries. Further the applicant is requested to clarify how this element of the scheme will interact with the bathing pool operation.

3. The applicant is requested to submit photomontages of the site from the front and from approaches to the site showing the development in place with the amended flood defence arrangement in place, and also showing the proposal with the permitted flood defence arrangement in place if constructed anyway on behalf of DCC.

4. The applicant in the interests of clarity is request to provide section views of the proposed water plant room."

We are pleased that Dublin City Council Planning Department have chosen this route to explore the technical details of the proposed development in more detail and very much look forward to the applicants response. We hope that the responses to the queries raised will serve to better inform us of what is actually intended for this site and will allow local residents establish a greater understanding of the proposed development.

We will endeavour to keep you updated as the application progresses.

Note: You can view the application on the Dublin City Council website, by searching for planning reference 2975/11.

[photo credit: Blogaire]