Clontarf Author, Sean Monaghan, Releases Thrilling New Book

19 Jun 2023

Sean Monaghan, writing under the pen name S.D. Monaghan, recently released a gripping new book called "Toxic People" through Lune Books. This psychological thriller is set in a Clontarf-like suburb and has been generating buzz since its launch a few weeks ago. Having grown up in Clontarf with his family, Sean draws inspiration from his own experiences. He traveled to Thailand, pursued screenwriting in North America, and obtained degrees in psychology and creative writing.

Now residing in Clontarf with his wife Anne, Sean devotes his time to writing screenplays and books. His previous works, "The Accident" and "The Family at Number 13," were well-received in Clontarf and have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. "Toxic People" has already earned praise from renowned authors Patricia Gibney and Liz Nugent for its thrilling plot, well-paced narrative, and compelling characters. Spar on Stiles Road and Vernon Avenue stock the book, and it is available in digital, audio, and print formats on Amazon. Follow this link to find "Toxic People": Amazon - Toxic People