'Changing Places' Approved for New Park Facilities

18 Apr 2019

(Photo source: www.dublinpeople.com)

Dublin City Council is currently in the planning stages for two new cafes/tea rooms in the local area. One will be located in St Anne's Park and the other in Fairview Park.

The original plans included the provision of toilet facilities. At April's Council Meeting in City Hall, a motion raised by local Councillor, Damian O' Farrell, was passed to include 'Changing Places' toilet facilities. These types of toilets are accessible toilets but they also include extra features such as

- adult-sized changing bench

- ceiling tracking hoist system

- height-adjustable wash-hand basin

- adequate space for person with a disability and up to two assistants (12 meters squared)

- as well as other features.

The new facilities in St Anne's are set to be located near the Playground which will be of great use to park patrons. And these additional features of the new facility will make the amenities of the park accessible to an even wider group of people.