Changes to Bull Wall

02 Nov 2020

This news item was edited on November 3rd 2020 to include the following update;

Just to clarify, this post was intended to inform people of the planned changes on the North Bull Wall and to look for feedback and suggestions as to how the traffic and parking issues could be resolved.

There is no suggestion that cars would be prevented from crossing the Bull Bridge or that parking be removed from the North Bull Wall.  The CRA position on this issue of access is very clear - Dollymount Strand is an amenity open to all – young and old; locals and visitors; pedestrians, cyclists and drivers - and must remain so.  DCC are also very clear in relation to this issue and stated in their report on this matter that “Preventing access for vehicles is not feasible as the North Bull Wall is used by the Royal Dublin Golf Club, Sea Scouts, residents and the Happy Out café. In addition, it would not be fair or reasonable to prevent access to this amenity for people from outside the local area who cannot walk or cycle. Indeed many elderly people like to visit this area and would not be able to do so other than by driving.”Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services, DCC.

The current plan shows 6 bays of 8 spaces each on the North Bull Wall.  This will represent a reduction in the number of cars that park on this roadway.  The plan also provides for 4 disabled spaces.  No changes are proposed at the other parking locations available on the beach and in front of the Royal Dublin Golf Club.

The webcast of the North Central Area Meeting covering this issue can be viewed here start at 1:44:40 and ends at 1:56:50.

If anyone has any suggestions as to how the access and traffic problems that occur on the Bull Bridge and North Bull Wall can be addressed we would welcome these by email to  We intend to bring these suggestions to our CLLRs and DCC with a view to working together to resolve the issue for everyone.


Original Post Below;


The following is a message from the Clontarf Residents' Association

At the October North Central Area Committee Meeting, DCC officials presented the below drawings of changes it proposes to make on the North Bull Wall. These changes are in response to requests from the Councillors to look at making the North Bull Wall safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Work is expected to commence at the end of next week.

The plan involves installing “bollards for protecting the footpath for pedestrians, deterring vehicles from speeding (which will make it safer for cyclists), delineating car parking spaces and disabled parking and the provision of bicycle racks.” - Parks, Biodiversity and Landscape Services, DCC

We welcome the installation of bollards; in that, they will prevent cars from driving and parking on the footpath thereby making the paths safer for pedestrians.

However, we think this is a missed opportunity to address the other issue that occurred over the summer months and has in fact been a regular feature for many years – the tailbacks and nose to nose incidents on the Bridge that are ultimately left to the Gardaí to address. We would be concerned that the parking bays as marked could in fact lead to an increase in the number of nose to nose incidents if drivers fail to yield to oncoming traffic and if people park on the double yellow lines.

DCC consulted with An Garda Síochána, the Dublin Port Company and the National Parks and Wildlife Service in developing this plan. Unfortunately, they did not consult with our Councillors, the residents on the island, the golf club, the Scouts or the wider community.

We hope to engage with our Councillors and DCC in relation to this proposal and the wider issue of safe access to the beach for all. We would like to hear your views on this topic and welcome your feedback by email to

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