Castle Dracula Ticket Offer!

05 May 2015

Explore Bram Stoker's CASTLE DRACULA with the Characters from Dracula coming alive to greet you... 'Renfield', 'Lucy','Van Helsing' and 'Dracula's Bride' take you on an amazing journey through our Castle Tunnels, over Spinning Bridges, to the Gargoyle Courtyards, up to the Haunted Library and of course 'Ireland's only Graveyard Theatre' for our Fun Castle Dracula Show. 

Tickets are usually €25, but on Friday 8th of May, all friends of can avail of Tickets for just €10!

Castle Dracula exhibits memorabilia from the Dracula and all the History of Bram Stoker, Stories, Pictures, Posters, Death Certificates and even a lock of Bram Stoker's hair cut on this death bed by his wife Florence...  Putting you right inside the mind of the man who gave us the World's Greatest Horror Character. 

A little history about Castle Dracula

Each Character from Castle Dracula take you through all the history of Dracula's origions and influences from the Great Famine to the Cholora Epidemics and it's Irish Writer Bram Stoker's origions, been born accross the road from Castle Dracula, to his mystery childhood illness, writing influences and Oscar Wilde connection.  


They also exhibit memorabilia from Dracula and all the History of Bram Stoker, Stories, Pictures, Posters, Death Certificate and even a lock of Bram Stoker's hair cut on this death bed by his wife Florence.  Bram Stoker has been dead for over 100 years, on his death bed, his wife Florence cut a lock of this hair as was the custom, it was handed down the Stoker Generations, until it was very kindly donated to us.  It now hangs in a Gold Pendent on display in Castle Dracula, home of the World’s Only Graveyard Theatre!

"Enter here of your own free will and leave some of the happiness you bring with you"