Cash for Phones at Spar, Vernon Ave and Stiles Rd

07 Mar 2012

Spar Clontarf Cash for phonesThe local Spar shops in Clontarf have been selected as some of the first shops in the overall Spar network to offer a 'Cash for Phones' service.

This is a relatively new idea in the retail world. The service gives you the opportunity to get some cash for your old mobile phones. All you need to do is to pop in to your local Spar and they will give you a quote on what the phone is worth. You can then receive instant cash for the phone. 

The phone must be able to be powered on for the staff in Spar to be able to provide a quote. Also, please note that certain older phones will not have any value.

If your phone does not have a value, you will still receive a free Cadbury's Creme egg for your trouble!