Capturing Everyday Life - Clontarf Dad Featured in Huff Post!

24 Jun 2016

Clontarf-based father of two, Tomasz Laskowski, began working on a special photography project some time ago in which he captures the ordinary and everyday moments in his children’s lives. Originally from Poland, Laskowski undertook the project to be able to communicate to relatives back in Poland the everyday activities and lives of his children, which they cannot experience. Something that many Grandparents with children and grandchildren living abroad know too well. 

Tomas hosted the images on his website and was recently approached by the Huffington Post, who interviewed him for a special feature. This led to his the beautiful photo project surrounding his two young kids, Suzie and Constantin being circulated on The Daily Mail, the as well as Polish and Slovakian publications, amongst others!

Laskowski told the Huffington Post in an interview

“Please take picture of your kids in real-life situations. Take a picture of a messy room, or of a tantrum on the supermarket floor. Print them and hang them in your home…It’s important to remember that there is beauty in the normal life”

Judging from the sheer brilliance and beauty of Tomasz’ photos, his advice is definitely something to take on board!