Bus Connects Public Consultation Phase | Update from CRA

27 Sep 2018

The public consultation phase of the Bus Connects Network Redesign closes this Friday the 28th of September. If you have not already done so, we would encourage you to give feedback on the proposal via the online survey (click here) or by written submission (contact details here).

We would like to thank all those who shared their views with us. The issues raised covered:

  • the reduction in the frequency of the 130
  • the removal of the 104-route
  • design and interaction of cycling facilities
  • accessibility issue for vulnerable people
  • landscape and design issues around the location of new bus shelters, the location of utility cabinets, replacing trees.

The CRA submission will cover these topics. If any residents have other views that they would like reflected please email us as soon as possible at clontarf.res.assoc@gmail.com.