Builders Deals at O' Hara's SPAR!

01 Feb 2016


It seems that there are a number builders back in Clontarf .... perhaps not at Celtic Tiger levels but there are more builders around for sure. That’s why O’ Hara’s SPAR of Vernon Avenue and Stiles Road are serving up some seriously special deals for builders working in Clontarf!

And it’s not just with breakfast rolls, as 2016 sees the emergence of the "better choices" builder going for healthy option lunches!!

Gus O'Hara from our local SPAR stores on Stiles Road and Vernon commented;

"Yes, the builders are back .. during the boom I would drive around Clontarf handing out leaflets and offers to builders every Monday morning to entice them to buy the famous "Builders Breakfast roll" from us for the duration of their time working in Clontarf.

That all stopped in 2009.

Well in the past few weeks Im out again with the leaflets and offers and I can see a substantial increase in building activity ,both small and large jobs. We used to joke that the builders boots would leave a muddy trail to our deli section ... we missed cleaning up after them when the slump happened, that's for sure.

I’m delighted to say we are cleaning our floor again much more frequently, a welcome sign of the builders return. We have also noticed that many of the builders are opting for more healthy choices too ... more fruit and healthy option lunches.

We have been able to adapt to this demand with the help of SPAR and the recent launch of the new SPAR "Better Choices" range - its a great initiative and the builders have responded well to it. 

Hopefully the return of the building activity in Clontarf is a sign that we are on the road to recovery. It’s a welcome boost to employment locally too as I recently hired two new deli staff for my stores."