Brian Boroimhe Band

21 Aug 2012

Brian Borhoime BandDavid Evans, the web editor of the Clontarf Historical Society is seeking information from anyone who might have some knowledge, however small, about a 'Brian Boroimhe Band' that existed in Clontarf. David says that the society had a query some months ago from a man who possessed a bandmaster's staff (or baton, or mace) engraved 'Brian Borhoime[sic] Band, Clontarf, 1886'.

In response to a request among our own members, Professor Colm Lennon, advised me that a report in the Irish Times of 4 August 1886 made reference to such a band taking part in a parade on the occasion of the departure of the Lord Lieutenant, Lord Aberdeen, from Ireland.

In fact, the article is a full-page account of the occasion and of this parade through the centre of the city that took two hours to pass by. Almost forty bands are mentioned as taking part, usually in association with various civic bodies, trade organisations or guilds. The Brian Boroimhe Band was associated with (or possibly engaged by) a parading contingent of basketweavers. According to the Irish Times, it was a parade that was 'unparalleled in recent Viceregal history'.

Thousands of people attended as onlookers, almost blocking College Green and Lord Edward Street, and making it difficult for the troops lining the streets (the Scots Guards and the Welsh Regiment) to maintain order. It is interesting to note that many of the banners that were carried by the marching organisations bore mottos such as 'Ireland for the Irish', 'United we stand, divided we fall', 'Self-legislation is the right of a nation' etc., and as the Irish Times records: 'There was a great demonstration when a great flag with a picture of Mr Parnell passed'.

If anyone knows anything, please contact the Clontarf Historical Society at or call 01-833-2080.