BREAKING NEWS: Dollymount Parking Restrictions

15 Oct 2014

We would like to inform our readers of some breaking news which we received this afternoon. Our team have just heard from Councillor Sean Haughey with regard to a local area meeting that was held this morning in relation to the parking situation on Dollymount beach. 

As most of our readers will know, a decision was made City Management earlier this year to unilaterally prohibit vehicular access to Dollymount beach without any public consultation. These parking restrictions received a huge amount of complaints from local residents. ran a story about this, as well as a poll asking readers what they believe should be done. 

This morning, a meeting took place between local councillors and the Parks and Landscape Services Division to discuss this matter further.

It was agreed that a new management plan will now be prepared for the beach by May 2015. The plan will deal with traffic management and car parking issues, as well as improving the set down areas. It was also agreed that public consultation will be central to this new plan.

In the meantime, two parking bay areas for cars, located just off the wooden bridge, will now be opened up once again. 

We know that this information will be very important for Clontarf residents. The poll we ran via our website during the summer reflected differing views on this issue. There are those who, on the one hand, believe cars should never be on beaches, while on the other hand there are many who have enjoyed long-term vehicular access to the beach and don't want it taken away. The manner in which this happened, with zero public consultation, didn't make the situation any easier.

Neither side will be happy with today's news, but at least this matter appears to be getting a proper consultation which we all hope will deliver a compromise solution that takes into account the wide range of public opinions.

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