Break A Leg Benefit performance

03 Apr 2014

This Sunday the 6th of April there will be a special benefit performance in The Viking Theatre Clontarf.

‘We’re going to make a play out of our own lives and we’re putting it on in three weeks. Now let’s get started…’ Break a Leg’ is Peter Sheridan’s new one man show based on his recently published memoir by the same name. Exploring the story of his life in the theatre it meanwhile touches on so much more. An insightful work which touches the wider culture and politics of Ireland in 1960s and 1970s.  

A wonderful evocation of Ireland of that era through the prism of one man’s unique experience. The theatre, seen through Sheridan’s eyes, can do much more than entertain: it can itself be a vehicle of social change.

If you enjoyed 47 ROSES you will love Break A Leg.