Box of Appreciation: Pat Ingoldsby Tribute in Clontarf

11 Aug 2023

Have you noticed the box in Clontarf dedicated to Pat Ingoldsby? Pictured beneath, it was designed by Urnique Steve, who discovered Pat and his poems back in the early 1990s. Steve even helped Pat set up some of his Dublin gigs at that time, and occasionally, Pat would ask Steve to read his own poems as an opening act.

Steve's first attempt to create a box on Westmoreland Street didn't work out. However, when he found out about an available box in Clontarf, he decided to give it another shot and this time he succeeded. If you're familiar with Pat's work and life, you might pick up on the subtle references that Steve incorporated into the design.

Urnique shared his satisfaction, stating, "Pat and I are really pleased with my first Dublin Canvas project for Dublin City Council, located at the corner of Vernon Ave. & Kincora Rd. in Clontarf, Dublin."

Pat also expressed his appreciation, saying, "I want to thank Steve for the thoughtful design and the care he put into creating this tribute to me." For more updates on #PatIngoldsby and #DublinCanvas, you can follow Urnique Steve on Instagram: [] and on Twitter: [].

[Main photo credit: Pat Ingoldsby, from the My Poems Come Out to Play Facebook Page]