Body Med Clontarf Launches Tomorrow!

09 Apr 2015

body med are proud to announce that Body Med, a brand new professional multi-disciplinary clinic, will open its doors on April 10th 2015 on the Clontarf Road. 

BodyMed is an exciting new clinic where experts from the fields of Western medicine (GP/Sports Physicians, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and Nutritionists) work alongside specialists in the Eastern disciplines of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Tong’s Acupuncture, K.O.R.E. therapy, Kinesiology, Craniosacral therapy, TaiChi, Qigong and meditation.

The concept for this collaboration arose out of the growing appreciation that people’s health and wellbeing is influenced by more than just biomechanical structures such as muscles, nerves and joints. The functioning of our internal organs and digestion play a key role in some of the external, physical symptoms we experience. Our energy flow or, as the Chinese call it, Qi, can produce an array of symptoms if blocked or ‘stagnant’ - not forgetting the global influence of the mind in how we feel, our ability to concentrate, problem solve and tackle the demands of life/sport.

By combining these disciplines under one roof, the goal of BodyMed is for patients have easy access to those therapies that can address all factors affecting their health and well-being. With regular case reviews and communication between therapists, the patient is assured of a detailed and personalised care plan where the united goal is not only to help the patient reach their full potential but also to learn about how they can maintain that status quo moving forwards. As the saying goes, knowledge is power!


The facilities at BodyMed have also been chosen with patient’s in mind and making note of requests and ‘wish lists’ over the years.

BodyMed are lucky enough to have their own GP/Sports Physician, so that their patients can get quick MRI and X-ray referrals,  plus prescriptions, blood tests, and corticosteroid injections, not to mention all the usual general medicine services.

BodyMed has its own running clinic under the expert guidance of Ciara McCallion who is one of their Senior Chartered Physiotherapists, but also represents Ireland at 400m. 

We have a Bike Fitting clinic for all levels of cyclists who wish to get their bikes fitted to their individual body dimensions thereby increasing power output, efficiency and comfort of ride.

BodyMed is currently one of five clinics in Ireland offering Schroth Therapy for patients with scoliosis who wish to utilise the power of the body’s own dynamic scaffolding system, the muscles, to optimise their spinal alignment and reduce any postural-related pain.

The clinic also offers K.O.R.E. therapy which integrates Western and Eastern assessment and treatment skills to identify and resolve the structural pattern at the source of your symptoms. The benefits and effectiveness of this unique treatment are born out by its introduction to Premiership Football teams and European Golf Tours.

TaiChi and Qigong are forms of martial arts that have been called ‘meditation in motion’. TaiChi and Qigong have multiple benefits, producing improvements in balance, fitness, strength and flexibility, not to mention reducing stress levels and improving mood.  They are also considered safe forms of exercise for people of all ages as they do not place too much stress on the muscles or joints.

Not only does the clinic encapsulate ‘East meets West’, but we also try to bridge the gap between North and South (Dublin), being conveniently located on the coast road 200m up from the Alfie Byrne road from the EastLink and a short distance off the M50.  The Clontarf Road is served by regular bus routes and the Clontarf Dart station is only a 10 minute walk away.

For more information about Body Med or to get in touch, please visit their official business page