Belgrove Senior Boys School perform Haka Gaelach

08 Mar 2014

Belgrove Senior Boys School perform Haka Gaelach to commemorate the Millennium Anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf.

On Monday the 10th March Belgrove Senior Boys school is staging their very own Battle of Clontarf!

The Viking horde (the parents) is expected to strike shore at Clontarf on the promenade at approximately twelve noon. They beach their boats (compliments of Viking Splash Tours) across from the Garda station (at the junction of the Alfie Byrne Road and Clontarf Road). 

But this time we are prepared!

Belgrove's finest, are prepared to repel the foe - led by Brian Boru's illustrious descendent Bríd Rua O'Brien (aka teacher Marian O'Connor) dressed in green and white the boys will halt the Vikings in their steps and strike terror into them with blood curling rendition of the Haka Gaelach.

The Vikings are led by no less a warrior than the ferocious Bruiser (frequently to be found planning his tactics from the Belgrove Junior Boys School Principal's office (aka John O'Sullivan).

This is set to be another milestone in Clontarf's glorious annals agus táimid ag guí go gcuifidh buachaillí Eoin Baiste an ruaig glan ar na Locklannaigh.

Your support is needed to watch the boys, all three hundred and twenty of them in action and be part of a short film on this historic occasion.