Belgrove Cycle Bus has Launched!

21 Apr 2021

We were delighted to see that the Belgrove Cycle and Scooter bus has officially launched here in Clontarf this week. 

There are four routes operating each Wednesday coming from Dollymount, Clontarf Garda Station, Dunluce Road and Clontarf Bus Garage. The 'bus' picks up parents and children on bicycles and scooters, travelling in a convoy, en route to the four Belgrove Schools. The initiative provides a safe experience for all.

Those wishing to register for the Belgrove Cycle Bus can do so here. You can also follow the group on Twitter here

What is a Cycle Bus?

A cycle bus is a community-based initiative promoting active travel by bike for school children. A group of experienced volunteers, parents and teachers, escort groups of children to school by bike along a set route, on a set timetable, every day during school term. These marshals act essentially as a mobile segregated cycle lane, allowing children as young as 5, to cycle to school safely. The marshals each have key roles to fulfill to ensure the safety of the children. Marshals are at the front, rear, on the outside of the group as support, and at every major junction along the route. For more information on the initiative, visit