Belgrove Boys Junior School transformed into a Winter Wonderland

16 Dec 2020

Belgrove Boys Junior School was transformed into a Winter Wonderland for this festive season. The amazing decorations caught the media’s attention and they were even featured in RTÉ News2Day!

Two SNAs, Tracey and Clíona decided to transform the school into Santa’s Grotto and Gingerbread Lane to make it feel more like Christmas, especially as the boys would be missing out on Santa’s yearly visit to the school. Everyone helped in the transformation, even the students! The snowflakes that filled one of the corridors were made by the boys in Second Class. All of the teachers made sure to work like busy elves to make sure the Winter Wonderland turned out great.

It was a great surprise for all the students and something nice to look forward to in the dark mornings of December. You can watch the video where the boys share their thoughts on the decorations here. You will also get a sneak peek into the Wonderland as well, don’t worry!