Battle of Clontarf Millennium 1014-2014 stamp collection issued TODAY

15 Apr 2014

Evocative illustrations bring to life this history-making confrontation.

Featuring the stunning work of artist Victor Ambrus, this set of six stamps from the Isle of Man Post Office marks the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf, which marked a turning point in the history of Ireland.

This stunning issue of six stamps from the Isle of Man Post Office commemorates an event 1,000 years ago which changed the course of history for nations around the Irish Sea. 

The Battle of Clontarf saw high king of Ireland Brian Boru go into battle with the Norse who controlled the powerful trading port of Dublin and had ambitions of extending their influence. 

The fierce fighting outside Dublin on Good Friday, 23 April 1014, left thousands dead, including Brian and his heir, but prevented the Norse hopes of conquering Ireland. The issue brings the historic events to life through the dynamic paintings of Victor Ambrus. 

Famous as the illustrator featured on Channel 4 archaeology series Time Team, Victor brings his unique style to a series of stamps which chart the story of the battle. He is no stranger to designing stamps, having worked with Royal Mail, the Jersey Post Office and producing our own Viking stamps in 2008. 

The set is available in mint condition or Cancelled to Order (CTO), as 15-stamp sheets, as part of one of our highly-collectable First Day Covers, postmarked with the first day of issue, and in a Presentation Pack. 

The Presentation Pack includes a mint condition set of stamps inside a highly-illustrated four-sided mini-folder which also features text by writer and broadcaster Dr Howie Firth. Dr Firth's words can also be found on the illustrated information card which accompanies the First Day Cover. Essential for collectors and wonderful gifts for history fans, each product comes with free worldwide delivery. 

The Battle of Clontarf marked a turning point in the history of Ireland, stemming the power of the Norse and Danes, and is commemorated 1,000 years on in this exceptional and highly collectable set.