Battle of Clontarf Haka Gaelach

12 Mar 2014

Belgrove Senior Boys School put on a fantastic show on Monday morning with their performance of the Haka Gaelach to commemorate the Millennium Anniversary of the Battle of Clontarf.

This time Clontarf was ready for the Viking horde (the parents) that landed on the promenade. The Vikings beached their boats (compliments of Viking Splash Tours and Clontarf Golf Club) and were led by no less a warrior than the ferocious Bruiser (aka John O'Sullivan Principal of the Junior Boys School).

There is also a youtube video of the event here.

Belgrove's finest, all three hundred and twenty of them dressed in green and white, were led by Brian Boru's illustrious descendent Bríd Rua O'Brien (aka teacher Marian O'Connor). The boys halted the Vikings in their steps and struck terror into them with blood curling rendition of the Haka Gaelach.

The Haka is been entered into the Lidl Haka Irish style competition which has a top prize of €2,500. Paddy Jackson and Ian Madigan of the Irish Rugby Team will be choosing the lucky winners. We wish the boys every success with their entry!

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