Battle for The Bay - A Message from Pure Magic!

26 May 2016

The following is a special message from our friends over at Pure Magic, who are currently prepping for the biggest event of 2016 here in Clontarf - The Battle for The Bay!

Dear Friends from Clontarf, dear neighbours, 

We are very pleased to invite you to join us for the 10th Edition of Beach Fun on our lovely Dollymount Beach, this Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of May.

More than a Sporting Festival, Battle for The Bay has now become a celebration of life, lifestyle and fun, A celebration for families too, where the kids are the real kings and queens of the sand. 

This year we expect more than 15,000 people  over the two days, and we have been working hard with all our fantastic partners to create a mini town, a Village on the beach, restaurants, activities, a fun fair, Bio Diversity Village, music stages, a beach market, and loads of weird giant animals... A real treat for the kids!

We feel very lucky to live and work in Clontarf, and this is our way to say; thank you. Sun or rain, Clontarf (and Raheny to be fair) is just a very special place.

To make this Birthday a bit more special, we came up with a little vision, a little idea... a bit like a sparkling candle on the top of the cake… We invite all of you on Saturday 28th, at 11 pm SHARP to the Wooden Bridge area of our beautiful town, anywhere between the Bull Wall and the Bram Stoker, to enjoy Clontarf’s first ever firework show from the water. This vision of Dublin Bay coming into light, the sky in front of the Towers bursting into colourful explosions above the water…this vision is quite magical and we would like to share it with you

Sit down at Bay Restaurant terrace, At Kinara or Kanoodle, Do your night Gym at The Edge, have a pint at the Clontarf Yacht Club, be with us at the Bram Stoker, grab some crisps at the petrol station, or order a Pizza from the Takeaway - whatever you fancy! But make sure you get out on the promenade... We promise you some Magic. 

No fuss, no madness on the streets, just walk around, and watch the sky at 11 pm. At 11.10pm, everything will come back to normal. Like a shooting star. Everything will be quiet and all you will just a nice memory! How magical does that sound to you?

Coming back to the reality now...;-)

We were planning to come to each of you to ask support to help this non-profit event but we felt it was awkward. We feel bad asking for support. So, if some of you want to be involved somehow, please do contact us, A flower or a voucher, a bottle of wine or a little cheque, will all go towards this 10th Edition of the Battle for the Bay. And we will happily promote what you guys do.

But at the end of the day, this message is just an invitation to join us and to let you know what is going on in Clontarf this weekend! Who knows, Bruce Springsteen might come for a song or two!

Viva Clontarf!

Magic regards,

Francois, Catherine and all the team Pure Magic