Autumn Leaves 2023!

30 Nov 2023

Leaf fall is well underway and we would like to thank all of the residents who are helping to keep the footpaths clear of leaves.

DCC has again supplied compostable bags for leaves. If you would like to help to keep the paths and roads clear of leaves, please email us at with your address and we will arrange to drop some bags to you. 

Only official DCC bags should be used for leaves.  Please don’t put other garden waste or rubbish in these bags.  The filled bags can be left on the grass verge and DCC will collect them and send them off for composting. The collection of bags can be logged with DCC using the following link

Black sacks, DCC blue bags etc should not be used for leaves and will not be collected by DCC.  DCC considers such bags left on the footpath as illegal dumping.

We have a number of leaf cages around Clontarf and they are producing great leaf mulch which we are using on the planters and flower beds around the area. Unfortunately, some people persist in dumping other green waste, household rubbish and dog poo bags into and around the nets. Please stop - the leaf nets are for WET FALLEN LEAVES only!

A message from Clontarf Residents’ Association