Artists Impression from DCC of Sea Wall

03 Nov 2015

We would like to draw your attention to images provided by Dublin City Council regarding the works on the Sea Wall between the Wooden Bridge and Causeway Road. 

The first of the three images displayed above (all of which are available at showcases the current state of the Sea Wall and cycle path from a birds-eye angle above Dollymount Avenue, on the Coast Road facing South. 

The second image showcases an artist's depiction (similar angle) of what the completed wall height will look like in this location. The high angle makes the change in wall height hard to appreciate and you could be forgiven for thinking that there is no change in height at all.

Dublin City Council have not provided an image of what this section of wall would look like from ground level as they have for other parts of the wall (the third image shows the section of the wall across from the carpark on the James Larkin Road) which can reviewed in the below image. However, if you look at the pattern along that section, in the mocked up photos you can clearly see that the new wall height is substantially higher - almost double in photo 3. And it must be remembered that these wall heights are lower than in other places closer to the Causeway.

To view the below image in full PDF format click here

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