Adopt Your Pat(c)h on April 3rd and help #CleanUpClontarf

30 Mar 2021
The support from the community for the Tidy Towns initiative has been fantastic so far and we can really see the difference around Clontarf.
On Saturday, April 3rd the Clontarf Tidy Towns group is encouraging everyone in our community, every home, business and sports club to donate 20 minutes and Adopt Your Pat(c)h.
It doesn't need a big effort, just a brush/spade or similar to clean any leaves or weeds from the path in front of your house or business and pick up any litter (with gloves or on a spade/dustpan).
If some neighbours want to adopt a bigger patch like a green on the road or, a lane behind the house even better! Contact Tidy Towns (via email the group will try to supply some bags.
Of course, please observe social distancing and public health guidelines making sure to wash/sanitise your hands before and after.
A small #SpringClean21 from everyone will make a big difference to the community!
And don't forget to share your cleanup pictures on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with #CleanUpClontarf