'Adopt a Street' for Clontarf

23 Aug 2013

The ‘Adopt a Street’ scheme begins on Wednesday the 28th of August at 19.00 for half an hour. The meeting point is in the Car Park Promenade, opposite Marlowe Cleaning on Hollybrook Road. 

The CBA & CRA working in partnership with DCC have a new proposal to raise the standard of cleanliness for Clontarf. The proposed “Adopt a Street” for Clontarf Road concentrates initially on either side of Hollybrook Road including the car park on the opposite side of the road.

The footpath along this stretch will be power-washed starting the 22nd of August and DCC will also clean the litter bins and shelters along by the promenade.

The objective is that with the combined resources of businesses, local residents and DCC that a high standard of cleanliness will be set along this stretch.

There will be high-vis “Adopt a Street” vests, brushes, litter pickers, gloves and bags for any litter collected. The DCC will arrange to remove any litter afterwards. Local businesses will hopefully be provided with a copy of the new waste By-Laws. 

Getting support at Hollybrook Road is the first step. Vernon Avenue and the Promenade will follow if there is sufficient support. 

The plan is to have ‘Adopt the Street’ schemes in place all over Clontarf to get the community to help themselves, to harness civic pride and for each group to develop their own momentum.