Abandon Ship! Wait for Traffic to Ease in these Clontarf Coffee Spots!

18 Nov 2015

This morning was just one of those mornings. You sit in the car with your mind racing about all the productive things you could be doing instead of moving at a snails pace along the Clontarf Road… 

So why not abandon ship, and pop into one of Clontarf’s great cafés while you wait for the traffic to die down? 

We’ve listed some of the best places in Clontarf to find some solace from the gridlock! 

Nolan’s Coffee Shop

Nolan’s Coffee Shop is an institution here in Clontarf. Open from 8:30 Monday to Friday, this place serves up a great cooked breakfast and is close to Belgrove and Holy Faith if you need some energy after the school run! There’s plenty of parking too!

Clontarf Castle

Before you decide to try and join the standstill along the Clontarf Road, you could stop off at the Clontarf Castle. Grab a strong coffee and settle yourself into one of their many cosy nooks for an hour. With free Wi-Fi you could even get some work done while you’re at it! 


Located at the Wooden Bridge, Papillon is great if you want to abandon ship early! Grab yourself their special weekday deal; a strong fresh coffee and their delicious scone of the day - a real treat at just €4.25! With friendly staff and a view to boot it sure is better than sitting in your car!


If you’ve skipped breakfast to avoid the rush, Bay is the place to get your most important meal of the day. From hearty Coconut Milk Porridge to the slightly sinful French Toast with Maple Syrup there’s plenty to choose from, as well as smoothie and healthy juices made in house!


Molougney’s is perfect is you want to escape from the miserable, grey, traffic heavy morning. Fresh coffee and possibly the biggest scones in Clontarf, while an hour away in this cosy spot - you deserve it! 

Olive’s Room

Residing in the Red Stables in St. Anne’s Park, Olive’s Room opened their doors this past July. The sister café of Moloughney’s, Olive’s room is open from 9.30 am and serves up some great coffee as well as a selection of delicious pastries. This is a great spot if you want to completely avoid the chaos of the Clontarf Road in the morning and hide in amongst the serenity of St. Anne’s!

(Disclosure: All the above cafés/restaurants are supporters of loveclontarf.ie and we are more than happy to support them in return!)