A Thank You Plus Latest Update

07 Nov 2015

A big thank you residents of Howth, Sutton, Baldoyle, Bayside, Beaumont, Kilbarrack, Portmarnock and elsewhere who have contacted us regarding the sea wall.

Many of you have contacted us to express your support for local residents from Clontarf, Marino, Killester and Raheny who have been strongly opposing the development.

You have told us in comments and emails what this beautiful coastal drive means to you. You have shared our concerns that the scale of the build seems excessive given what's been protected and the fact that this precise area has no flood history from the sea.

Your support is much appreciated and we would ask you to continue contacting your own local representatives and the City Manager owen.keegan@dublincity.ie with regards to this.

We had a great comment last night from John Morrissey who is Chairman Dollymount Sea Scouts Re-building Project. He was responding to some of the notes provided from the DCC meeting by one of the Councillors.

It's worth a read:

"Your report throws up a few questions and prompts a few observations:

(i) What is the basis of the claim that the average tidal level has risen by 200mms since the 1930s? Dollymount Sea Scouts, based in the lagoon since 1913, has not witnessed this.

(ii) Same question re source for the claimed figure of 90mm to 100mm in the past 15 years? For the Sea Scouts, the issue is the rapid silting of the lagoon rendering its Northern half unusable for boating.

(iii) There has been no seaward originating flooding in this area since 1963. All floods are due to Nanikin River etc. The highest tides come nowhere near the existing sea wall in this section, never mind the new wall height.

(iv) The Waterford Estuary is a much more substantial body of water than the lagoon in Dollymount, with higher waves and more powerful wave action etc.

(v) As I understand it, with no OPW funding, OPW requirements do not apply - please confirm your source for this claim, and

(vi) Misinformation Alert: The measurement of wall heights from footpath height is a red herring as the footpath itself is proposed to be more than half a metre higher than the road. The City Council should be asked for similar visualization, in both directions, from the car driver perspective. This will show an almost complete blockage of views of the lagoon, the island and most of Howth. This is the core issue - there has never been any question but that the pedestrian views would be fine."