A Miracle in Ballymore @ Sean O' Casey Theatre

21 Sep 2016

The Sean O' Casey Theatre, East Wall presents a wonderful play "A Miracle in Ballymore".

Written by Brian Foster, directed by Dara Carolan and produced by Fran Laycock, "A Miracle in Ballymore" tells the story of North Dublin teen Katy, who while out with her boyfriend sees visions of the Blessed Virgin. Like St Bernadette in Lourdes, Katy must then convince people that she did see the Lady, including the local clergy. 

Featuring Alice Dunne, Robbie Sexton, Lisa King, Fran Laycock and Niall Conway, "A Miracle in Ballymore" will run at the Sean O' Casy Theatre, St Mary's Road, East Wall from Tuesday 27th September until Friday 30th. Tickets cost €10 - €12. 

For more information, visit Sean O' Casey Theatre on Facebook or phone 01 850 9000