A Big Thank You To DCC Drainage Division

14 Nov 2014

Dekko from DCC

Yesterday, upon witnessing some of the heaviest rainfall in Clontarf this year, it was encouraging to witness the very best of Dublin City Councils Drainage Division.

With water levels rising along Vernon Avenue and drain covers overwhelmed with the amount of water flowing down, it was beginning to look like real trouble for the business's along the Avenue at 2.40pm on Thursday 13th November - but not an unlucky 13 for us in the end.

A call was put into the Drainage Division and meanwhile local business men Joe McCabe and Gus O'Hara donned their wellies and cleared as much as they could.

Still the waters rose. People had to retrieve their cars wading through 6 inches of water and it was getting steadily higher. It was only a matter of time till the water began to flow into the shops and restaurants.

But within 40 minutes of the call to DCC the cavalry arrived. Brian and Dekko from the DCC Emergency Drainage division immediately set to work. Out came rod and levers and shovels and hoses and they donned their orange jumpsuits. Within ten minutes they had identified and cleared the worst offending drains. They even took the time to remove concrete from a drain cover sealed by a previous contractor in error.

They spurned offers of coffee and a sandwich explaining that there were many more calls to get to. Throughout their work they maintained a cheery disposition for men clearly under pressure to get to the next job.

We think that it is worth reflecting that while we sometimes criticise the lack of response and the high rates we must pay, there are some great people out there doing their job in the best way possible. It was so encouraging to experience the best of service from our local Council. 

The Clontarf Business Association and loveclontarf.ie would like to say a big thank you to Brian and Dekko. Thanks are also in order for Shelia and Richie back at base that responded to the call.

Pictured: Dekko of DCC Drainage Division.