1001st Anniversary of Battle of Clontarf

23 Apr 2015

The 23st of April 2015 marks the 1001st anniversary of the death of the legendary High King of Ireland Brian Ború.

Most Irish readers will already know the importance of this event in our history and will remember the spectacular Millennium Celebrations which took place in Clontarf and beyond last year. St. Anne's Park was transformed into a Viking battlefield with hundreds of enthusiasts from around the globe flocking to take part in the mock battle, the historical talks and activities that weekend.

The Battle of Clontarf was a legendary event which is documented in both Irish and Norse records from the time. Brian is often hailed as a national hero, as the battle marked the freedom of Ireland from the domination of other countries. 

For more information about Brian Ború and the Battle of Clontarf, check out our History section. 

You can also check out this great video which details the proceedings of the battle: