Walking Through Dublin's North Wall

14 Sep 2023 - 14 Sep 2023 North Wall

Take a walk through North Wall Campshires, an area that stretches from the Custom House to Dublin Port. This area includes places like George's Dock, Spencer Dock, the Royal Canal, Mayor Street, Guild Street, and Sheriff Street. It used to be a bustling part of Dublin's old docklands where ships brought goods, but now it's a mix of modern development and remnants of the old port and dockland communities.

The area got its name from a wall built along the river Liffey over 300 years ago to expand the docklands. This allowed the former swamp land between the river and the North Strand to be reclaimed and divided into lots in 1717. People who owned these lots filled them in, creating the community of North Wall.

To join the walking tour on Thursday, September 14th, meet at La Touche House, Custom House Dock, IFSC (across from Busáras). You can get tickets on Eventbrite.