"Veil" - An Easter Play by Sean Walsh

14 Apr 2014 - 14 Apr 2014 St. John's Church, Clontarf Road

This year's play, "Veil" is again written by Sean Walsh and directed by Breffni McGuinness.

At a high level the play represents the ultimate battle - the battle between good and evil. It brings to mind the oft-quoted: 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”


Play Synopsis

A family unit in Jerusalem 2000 plus years ago... Mum, Dad, son, daughter...Into this sunny household, a dark cloud. Cold. Misach, the son, is suddenly possessed. The family now confused, disturbed, torn apart… 

Then a ray of hope: Veronica, the daughter, gets wind of a prophet from the North who has come to Jerusalem - a man of prayer and penance, a preacher, healer, worker of miracles... One Jesus of Nazareth.

If she can only reach him, tell him of their plight, then maybe... maybe..? The drama, then, enacted against the backdrop of the first Holy Thursday, Good Friday.

 - Where is Misach?

 - What?

 - There is someone - something - in there but it not our son!


 - He speaks - but not with the voice of our son.

 - We speak with many voices. We are many...


 - Who are you?

 - We are the cold...


Admission is FREE. Donations are optional.


Cast (in order of appearance)

Dick Tobin - Azarias

Maureen Fox - Ruth

Ronan Morris - Misach

Alice Boland - Veronica

Derek Tynan - Benjamin

John Slattery - Sadoc


Venue information

The play will run over three nights in the run up to Easter:

  • Monday 14th April 8pm - St. John's Church, Clontarf Road
  • Tuesday 15th April 8pm - St. Anthony's Church, Clontarf
  • Wednesday 16th April 8pm - All Hallows Church, Drumcondra



The Clontarf Players would like to thank our generous sponsors:

  • Marlowe Cleaners
  • Web Together
  • Hunt Films