The Clean Up Clontarf Challenge!

13 Nov 2014 - 24 Dec 2014 Clontarf

clontarf anti litter poster

In light of our recent Local Heros post which highlighted the fantastic work of Clontarf native Dave Gibson, we would like to launch a new campaign - the Clean Up Clontarf Challenge

The team are really inspired by Dave Gibson’s enthusiasm and community spirit. It’s amazing to see how just one man can make such a big difference in a community. 

And this got us thinking…. 

Litter damages the environment, becomes an eyesore and can even be a hazard to both people and animals. Every community has a problem with litter, but we want to take active steps to fight it!

What if every person in Clontarf picked up just ONE piece of litter every time they were out and about? Wouldn’t it make a wonderful difference? 

It would make a massive difference, actually. That’s why we challenge EVERYONE IN CLONTARF to pick up and dispose of a SINGLE piece of litter every time you’re out and about. 

If we do, we can collect a total of 150,000 pieces of litter by Christmas! That’s our target. 150,000 pieces of litter by Christmas, in our innovative all-digital anti-litter campaign. 

So... who are you?

The Offender: The person who throws cigarette butts, coffee cups and food wrappers on the ground - or out of your car window. 

The Pacifist: You don't litter as you hate the sight of it in the street. 

The Defender: Not only do you not litter - you actively help to keep the area clean. You take pride in your community and want it to look its best.

Just picking up a single piece of litter every day can make all the difference. We challenge you to become a defender and help us clean up Clontarf! 

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Let’s do it, folks!