The Buttonmen Featuring New Songs by Damien Dempsey

04 Apr 2023 - 16 Apr 2023 Viking Theatre, Clontarf

After two sell-out runs ‘The Buttonmen returns to The Viking! Written by Gary Brown, the play features some new songs by Damien Dempsey and Gary Brown, and it's performed by Gary Cooke and Andrew Murray as Dessie and Gino.

It's all about the last of the Dublin dockworkers and it's a really emotional show. According to Katy Hayes from the Independent, "Gary Cooke generates a superb singalong atmosphere".

The story follows two brothers, Dessie and Gino Dunne, who are both dockers. Dessie's the older brother and he's a Buttonman, which gives him more status and privileges than the other dockers. He loves everything about the docks and feels a real connection to the history and traditions there.

Gino, on the other hand, is the younger brother and he's not a Buttonman. He doesn't really like the life of a docker and thinks it's a degrading and unstable way to make a living.

The play is set in the early 1970s when changes are happening in the docks of Dublin. There's a dark underbelly of jealousy and addiction lurking beneath the story of these two brothers, and fear and danger are never far away.

So, if you want to see "The Buttonmen", it's on every night at 8:00 pm and all seats are €20. For tickets see this link.  Don't miss out!