Raheny Heritage Society Lecture

19 Jun 2013 - 19 Jun 2013 Raheny Library

Pól O'Duibhir's talk explores the fortunes and misfortunes of a shoemaker's family from Dublin's James's Street from the middle of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth century.

Characters include a commercial traveller whose promotion to in-house may have led to an untimely and watery death; a City Councillor and undertaker whose republican sympathies were in tune with the Council of his day; Bono's parents to whom the speaker is not related; a lady occupant of 30 years in St. Ita's, Portrane; a shotgun wedding; a disinherited veteran of WWI; and a Guinness cooper who, in marrying three times, gave a priest four grannies. There is also some local Raheny/Killester/Howth colour.

Free entry. All are welcome.