Meet The Quare Fellow back at the VIking Theatre!

30 Oct 2016 - 18 Nov 2016 Viking Theatre, Connolly's The Sheds, 198 Clontarf Road

Back by popular demand - "Meet The Quare Fellow" returns to the Viking Theatre. 

Written by Jim and Peter Sheridan, and starring Gary Cooke, Ryan Andrews, and Andrew Murray 'Meet The Quare Fellow' tells the story of Brendan Behan who attempts to plead his case before God that he has done more good than bad in his life. In re-enactments of various scenes in Behan's life, we are left to decide if he will get admittance to heaven, or if he is to face hell.

Tickets are €15, for bookings contact - 0871129970. See the Viking Theatre Website for more info.